Governor limits legal challenges to LA football stadium

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imageThe SB-292 law limits the time period for legal challenges, just for the stadium project. This will protect AEG’s proposed stadium against competitors who might try to delay the project. The law also ensures that Farmer’s Field is built to be environmentally sustainable.

At the news conference for the bill signing, governor Jerry Brown talked about the millions of Californians who are unemployed. He said SB-292 will create new jobs and get residents back to work.

“We’re going to remove some regulations, speed things up; we’re going to protect the environment but we’re also going to do it in a practical way,” he said. “Because there are too damn many regulations, let’s be clear about that.”

John Perez, the speaker of the California Assembly, said Farmer’s Field will have a significant impact on unemployment.

“This project will create 23,000 new jobs, which will benefit California as a whole,” he said. “And at a time when our state still has the second highest rate of unemployment in the nation, we need to be doing everything possible to create new jobs here in California.”

Some remain skeptical about the stadium’s lasting employment projections and others are concerned about increased traffic.

But now all AEG and the city of LA need is an NFL team to play in the new stadium.