South LA Democratic Space: Los Angeles Black Worker Center

Pearl Loehnig, Community Organizer of Los Angeles Black Worker Center.

Through the processes of coalition-building, research, advocacy, education and training, the LA Black Worker Center works to advance economic justice for African American workers, their families and their communities in the city of Los Angeles.

The organization works out of the Paul Robeson Community Center, an historic South LA building that now hosts any number of meetings, workshops and other conversations that support African American workers and promote fairness and opportunity in the labor sector.

Pearl, who has worked in South LA for five years, chose the Paul Robeson Community Center, “because it’s a space that has a lot of history connected to not only the labor movement around unionization, but also connects back to worker’s rights and really connects to creating an equitable environment to address the multi-fold crisis that we see in the Black community, as well as the Latino community.”

A través de los procesos de formación de coaliciones, investigación, educación y entrenamiento, el LA Black Worker Center promueve la justicia económica para trabajadores Afroamericanos y sus familias. La organización trabaja desde el Paul Robeson Community Center, un edificio histórico en el Sur de Los Angeles.

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