Honoring a champion’s fight against stigma

By Carolyn Wang, for Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic

Los Angeles Lakers star Ron Artest is speaking out for mental health, and the Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic is lauding his efforts on behalf of children and youth.

Artest launched his public battle against stigma associated with mental illness during a television interview immediately following the Lakers’ Game 7 victory last year. In the thrilling moments just after the game, with perhaps the biggest audience of the basketball season watching, Artest consciously and emphatically thanked his psychologist for enabling him to succeed. Since then, he has launched a public service announcement for Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health and raffled off his championship ring to benefit mental health services.

May is both Mental Health Awareness month and the start of the NBA playoff season – a great time to honor a champion both on and off the court! To recognize his “stigma-busting” efforts, the Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic – together with Mental Health America of Los Angeles and Heritage Clinic – placed a full page ad in the Lakers Yearbook directly across from Ron’s tribute page. Check out our ad on page 5 of our newsletter.