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Jose Lara is a teacher at Santee Education Complex. Read and watch more from Jose Lara.

VIDEO BLOG: Starting the dialogue about social justice in education

By Jose Lara, a teacher at Santee Education Complex

This is the first in a series of videos that I will be producing bi-monthly. I hope to engage people in a dialogue surrounding social justice in education and community organizing. Although I live and work in one of the most oppressed parts of Los Angeles, every day I am inspired by the resiliency of my community. Once we unite and become organized I know that there is nothing that can stop our demand for justice! This is our struggle. I hope this can begin the dialogue.

Videos are produced with a low-cost hand held digital video camera and incorporate the perspective of other LAUSD teachers, as well as South L.A. students, parents and community activists. Using YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to spread the message, these video blogs will bring to the fore ideas and initiate discussions that the South L.A. community needs to have. To view the video blog steam, please visit Jose Lara’s author page.

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