Virtual Book Club discusses race and America’s future

Starting in late September, EquityBlog launched the innovative idea of taking discussions of books from the living room or classroom and onto the Internet.  The “Race and America’s Future Virtual Book Club” is a six-week long online seminar that provokes conversation about race relations and the concept of a post-racial society.

The book club will focus on the book Uncommon Common Ground: Race and America’s Future. Co-authors Angela Glover Blackwell, Stewart Kwoh and Manuel Pastor will moderate the online discussions.

According to its press release, the club “will host an online conversation looking at crucial issues facing America as we push toward 2050 and our inevitable future as a nation with no majority ethnic or racial group.”

Upcoming topics include:

  • Oct. 6: Color Lines: Growing and Accepting Diversity
  • Oct. 13: Race and the Economy
  • Oct. 20: Urgent Challenges: Immigration, Incarceration, and Climate Change
  • Oct. 27: New Leadership for now and 2050
  • Nov. 3: Equity is the Superior Growth Model

To find out more about the “Race and America’s Future Virtual Book Club,” go to

Learn more about the idea of a post-racial society.


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  2. Margaret Shore says:

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  4. Catherine Cloutier says:

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