Voices of 90037: Iona Diggs

imageFor the past four months, journalist and USC student Melissa Leu visited the monthly meetings of the neighborhood council Voices of 90037. During her time, she found out a lot about how hyper-local politics operate in underserved communities. Voices of 90037 represent the a strip just north of Watts. It sits between the 110 and Flower Street, south of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to 62nd Street.

Leu captures the challenges and inspiration of the Voices of 90037 through a series profiling members of the council.

Voices of 90037 Neighborhood Council Chair Iona Diggs has served on the council since its inception 8 years ago. Although she’s retired now, Diggs stays active in her community through volunteer work with the LAPD and neighborhood council duties.

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