Voices of Dorsey High School Alumni

Produced by Denise Serrette

Alumni of Dorsey High School in Los Angeles enjoy the annual 2010 all-class reunion picnic and talk about the positive impact that the school has in the community.


  1. Jackie Whitaker says:

    What can I say?  There can never, and will never be a school better than Susan Miller Dorsey High School!  All of us have very full lives, children, maybe even grandchildren, but it is almost impossible to describe the friends for life that we made at Dorsey.  I can’t explain it…I just enjoy it!  I love all of my Dorsey Dons and Donnas for life!

    Jackie Whitaker
    Sr. Class Pres of Los Camtiones
    The Mighty Leaders of 1977

    P.S. Thank you Susan for this beautiful tribute to the Green and White!

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