A City of Muted Color

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imageErin Aubry Kaplan has been writing about race and Los Angeles for many years. The former L.A. Times and L.A. Weekly columnist has a new book out titled, “Black Talk, Blue Thoughts and Walking the Color Line.” She talks about the current state of “Black L.A.” and how she hopes her new book will help people come to a better understanding of color in America.

Jonathan Gold: Finding Good Food in South Los Angeles

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It doesn’t matter if it’s Thai, Ethiopian, Italian, French, Polish, Spanish or Japanese – when it comes to food, the only standard you should be eating by is the GoId standard. No, I’m not referring to the golden rule or Grade-A rating, but the sought-after seal of approval given by Pulitzer Prize winner and LA WEEKLY food critic Jonathan Gold.

In this week’s interview with host Tiffany Marie Brannon, Gold digs into his favorite haunts, tells us about growing up in South Los Angeles and the multicultural influence of L.A. that he continues to love today.

Gold also shares a slice of his opinions on the future of L.A. cuisine, how the economy has had an impact on restaurants, and his hope of enticing people out of their culinary comfort zone by tempting their taste buds through his writing.

Harsh school punishment affects many students in South L.A.

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imageWith over 720,000 students suspended or expelled from school within the last academic year for non-violent and non-drug related offenses, it is clear that schools and their punishment systems have a problem. This week is National Week of Action, a week that combines 13 cities at rallies across the nation to protest the negative discipline system in schools. Instead, these communities and organizations are calling for positive behavioral support in educational institutions, giving children a chance to escape negative and unfair punishment.

An Artless Society

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imageCould it be that a nation without an arts education program is a nation without a soul? In this host interview, internationally acclaimed poet Dana Gioia discusses his strong belief in an arts education, the priceless values that it teaches students and how without it, America’s youth are only living half the lives they deserve. Gioia also discusses his childhood and son’s death as he tells us what inspired him to leave his job as a marketing executive and pursue a career in poetry.

The Forgotten Generation: Interview with Lawyer Marie-Therese Connolly

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imageMarie-Therese Connolly talks with host Tiffany Marie Brannon about the millions of elderly citizens that are abused on a daily basis all over the nation. With baby boomers aging, the numbers of abused will only get worse unless something is done. One of the main forces behind the Elder Justice Act, founder and director of the Life Long Justice organization and director of the Department of Justice Elder Justice and Nursing Home Initiative, Connolly shares her insights into a broken geriatric-care system, care-giver abuse and how our society’s obsession with youth has made us blind to the state of the aging.