Jonathan Gold: Finding Good Food in South Los Angeles

Listen to an audio story by Annenberg Radio News

It doesn’t matter if it’s Thai, Ethiopian, Italian, French, Polish, Spanish or Japanese – when it comes to food, the only standard you should be eating by is the GoId standard. No, I’m not referring to the golden rule or Grade-A rating, but the sought-after seal of approval given by Pulitzer Prize winner and LA WEEKLY food critic Jonathan Gold.

In this week’s interview with host Tiffany Marie Brannon, Gold digs into his favorite haunts, tells us about growing up in South Los Angeles and the multicultural influence of L.A. that he continues to love today.

Gold also shares a slice of his opinions on the future of L.A. cuisine, how the economy has had an impact on restaurants, and his hope of enticing people out of their culinary comfort zone by tempting their taste buds through his writing.